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The Lord Plourde website was built with the people in mind. Here at Lord Plourde's we have a unique idea. It is a store where you can sell your own digital products and make a profit. As of right now, it cost you nothing to list your own products and put your price on them. You can list up to four a month, for free.

You can give them away or sell them, whatever you want to do, it's up to you. Your banner is on the home page until it is pushed off into the 16th position where it will go onto page two. You will also have a single page that you can drive traffic to or do whatever you want. The single page is just a bigger version of what is on your banner.

This costs you nothing right now, but it may cost you in the future. This is a good way to get exposure as we get thousands of hits a week. There are other forms of advertisement for you as well, but these cost some money. Unlike a lot of sites, your ad will stay there till you tell us to take it off.

The other thing to think of is who is going to let you advertise for nothing. We drive a lot of traffic to this site. People are going to see your ad banner on the home page, and it cost you nothing.

Besides the free advertisement, we do for our patrons. we also give away a lot of stuff such as software, e-books, PLR products, music, and a whole lot more. The way we make money is by selling physical products and services. We are a lot cheaper than a lot of the big retailers.

We also give free coupons of 50% on near everything. We are constantly thinking of ways that we can help you in whatever you are doing. We really want to have a site where everybody helps one another.

We will work together. If you do list your stuff on here you won't be sorry. We are open to any ideas that could help. So if you can think of anything to make this site better let us know in the comment form below.

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