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I had my kids say it would be good to write down this information because it is difficult to find. Not only did I find some growing techniques that grow big weed buds. But I am a very frugal person with my money and have found ways to save a small fortune by making my own growing lights and fertilizers.

I will show you how you can make your PH go up and down for pennies. I found a way of getting more air into my hydroponics; ways to build an apparatus to enrich carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere of weed plants; and how to make containers for housing your weed plants in a hydroponics situation at nearly no cost.

If you live outside the USA and Canada, get a hold of us using the contact form, and we will see what we can do to ship to you for free also.

I just realized a lot of you don't have a PDF reader. I assume you would because I have used them forever. If you want a PDF reader for the PC, you can download one here
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