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About Us

About us

My son (Lord Plourde) and I got an idea. Why not turn this website into something that can help people rather than just help Josh sell his music? We have a lot of traffic going to this website, as well as some unique incentive marketing techniques.

We thought, why not share our website with people and promote them as well as ourselves? So we thought we could advertise other people's products as well as our own.

We accomplish this by giving you the ability to post your digital products on our site. We give you your own page for each product, with no ads or any advertisements. Plus, on the home page, we advertise your main post, so when people click on this banner with your post, they get taken to your main page.

Your banner gets moved down the page as other people post. Once it reaches the 16th position, it will put your banner on page two. As of this writing, we are getting 500 hits a day to our home page and are picking up speed. We have another solution for you to advertise on the Lord-Plourde's website.

It will cost you $30 right now, but your post will always stay on the home page. It is the slideshow at the bottom of the home page. Not only that, but we have an affiliate program to If one of our affiliates decides to promote your stuff, you have another way of selling your products. The only downside to the affiliate program is their 40% charge on whatever they make on the sale. One way around this would be to set your price high enough or have no price at all.

You can post anything you want, as long as it is not vulgar or hateful. You can lead the traffic back to your site, do what you want. We truly are here to help struggling musicians, marketers, or anyone that is looking for some exposure. The one good thing about this is that your post will never be taken down unless you ask for it.

We screen all posts submitted to our site. We do this to prevent what we consider vulgar or hateful.

You might have bought an advertisement somewhere else and gotten very poor results. This will probably be the best experience you've ever had. I have been in this business for a long time and have made a fair amount of money in it over the years. I was at this when the internet was first formed. My son was not even born yet, over the years,

I have had numerous successes and a lot of failures. There is one thing I learned above all else.

I can give you a little tip about what you should say about your product if you decide to post it here. If you are going to make sales, you have to get people to trust you. That little tidbit of information means more than anything. When you are trustworthy, people seem to sense it.

You can use that to your advantage. All you have to do is be honest with people, genuinely try and help them get what they need, and everything else will look after itself. That is why some companies, like, are almost fanatical about coming off to their customers as honest.

To sell on Amazon requires that you follow certain guidelines. They set out that its is all about the customer. A lot of people buy on Amazon because if you have any problems, they are going to fix them. The Lord Plourde site gets a lot of traffic (not like Amazon) and it is fairly good traffic, but traffic is only a small part of getting sales.

You can get the most targeted traffic in the world, but if people don't trust you, then forget it. You make money, we make money. So it is in our best interest that you succeed. It's because I really do want to help people make money. I have information that took me a long time to get. I want to share it with you.

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